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A Word About Our Products

We mill and ship all retail orders on Tuesdays.
Our products are shipped at -10° F. Please refrigerate or freeze upon receipt.
Our minimum order is any combination of four 12 oz. bags, or one 10 lb. box.

We’re fussy. We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t. Our products are fussy, too. They may look like their grocery store counterparts, but they don’t cook like them! We’ve spent hundreds of hours developing the recipes we offer on this website. These recipes follow the stream of authentic foodways and work beautifully with our products.

So if you purchase our oats or grits, wheat flour or rice, be sure to use the recipes and techniques we provide—at least until you have a good, working feel for the product.

The bottom line is this: our products can’t be relied on to work with standard recipes, and standard recipes can’t be relied on to work with our products.

* These products are gluten free.