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Trigo Fuerte Flatbread Flour

Anson Mills Trigo Fuerte is a blended wheat flour designed to produce classic flour tortillas and flatbread such as focacce. We create Trigo Fuerte from two fine heirloom wheat varieties: Sonora, a lovely, naturally white wheat brought to the Americas by Jesuits and planted widely in California by the early 1800s; and Red Fife, a robust, nutty bread wheat that arrived in Canada and the American Midwest from Ukraine in the 1840s. Sonora shows its Spanish communion-wafer heritage when rolled thin into excellent crackers and tortillas. Red Fife, first bread wheat of the Americas and northern sister of our own Red May wheat, delivers bold, spicy flavors and tensile strength to bread doughs, yeasted or not. Put tender and strong together, and you get perfection: perfect tortillas, perfect flatbread.