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Colonial Style Fine Cloth-Bolted Pastry Flour

Screened to a silken finish from the finest Red May wheat, this flour is an exact reproduction of the pastry flour of the Colonial South, which has been out of production since the 1850s. Esteemed historically for its crisping properties, Red May wheat represents crisping nonpareil when it is stone-milled gently, and then sifted immediately by hand through a fine silk bolting cloth at 100% bran extraction. Its texture is so fine that when rubbed between the fingers, it feels almost like cream (historically, the flour was known as “crema”). Red May pastry flour is loaded with whole wheat germ flavonoids and nutrients. It is soft enough to make biscuits tender and pie dough flaky, but strong enough to support buttery layers in laminated doughs like Danish or croissant.