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Artisan Fine Cloth-Bolted White Lammas Cake Flour

Possessing a golden whiteness, White Lammas Cake Flour brings unique flavor qualities to the cakes it fashions: a whisper of honeyed sweetness, the subtle scent of fresh cream, and faint but persistent field flavors. This is the royal class of wheat grown for flour to make grand celebration cakes and fine Madeira teacakes in colonial Virginia and Carolina. Until the American Revolution, White Lammas wheat was exported from Virginia and held in high esteem in England. Today, at Anson Mills, we hand-rub the milled wheat on a fine screen to extrude the bran and germ oil into the flour, making it highly flavorful. This process is identical to techniques used in the milling industry in the 17th and 18th centuries in the American Colonies. White Lammas wheat mills to the lightest and freshest cake flour available in America today.